Self-Care December 20, 2020 17:20

These days it is vital to establish time and intention for self-care. With current global stress affecting each and every one of us, all we can do is try to manage and cope. With so much out of our control, there resides an underlying anxiety within each one of us, and throughout society, at large. One available resource towards alleviating stress is the incorporation of aromatherapy into our daily lives. The  regular use of essential oils, whether through inhalation, infusion or topical application benefits the user in SO many ways. ALL essential oils are antiseptic. The use and application of these natural essences encourages our bodies to function in a natural state of well-being. Sleep patterns have been disrupted and anxiety levels are high. A weekly or bi-weekly soak in the tub, with bath salts and essential oils, followed by massage oil application (to seal in the moisture) guarantees a good night's sleep. My choice, and absolute favourite blend to relax, and de-stress is TRANQUILITY with lavender, geranium and chamomile. Please make a choice to invest in your own personal health and well-being, and establish some time and dedication towards personal self-care routines.

Coping with COVID -19 August 15, 2020 18:52

Mari's Gold Aromatherapy is a vendor at Enderby Farmers Market each Friday. Just about everyone, it seems, is looking for products to alleviate headaches, insomnia, depression or anxiety. It is encouraging to see people taking responsibility for their own mental health, applying self-care, and understanding the benefits of essential oils. Tranquility, Joy and Comfort, our 3 original blends created 20 years ago, are flying off the shelves now! It gives Mari great pleasure to be able to provide so many people with these practical and beneficial blends during this ongoing global pandemic of 2020.

Summer Body Products June 10, 2020 12:52

Our Summer Body Products have been popular since their creation in May 2000. The name changed (from "Move Mosquito" as per Health Canada's regulations), but the winning formula remains exactly the same! This blend of lavender, peppermint, citronella and lemongrass offers refreshment, protection and healing during travel, gardening, camping or in your backyard.

These must-have products provide relief from headaches, sunburn, nausea and are an excellent after-bite. 

This natural product is re-vitalizing during the summer heat. Massage the oil into the skin to moisturize while sun-tanning. Refill mist with economical concentrate or freshen air on the porch or picnic table by diffusing concentrate in steaming water over a tealight candle, in a plug-in diffuser, or even an old fondue pot works very well. 

They are available in original strength and extra-strength oil (providing the best barrier as it is directly on skin), two sizes of water-based mist and 10 ml concentrate for easy refills. The mist was created for use on hair and clothing (i.e. where oil is not suitable) and is best used in conjunction with the oil. It also provides a refreshing travel mist in your vehicle.. great to stay alert and fresh while driving.  

Tomb Raiders (Traditional Thieves recipe..) March 15, 2020 13:58

TOMB RAIDERS (Traditional Thieves Recipe)

Clove, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Lemon, Rosemary

Mari's Gold Aromatherapy offers this popular blend in ready-to-use Body Oil, Salve, Mist and Concentrate. Rub the Body Oil or Salve on chest to alleviate congestion, on joints to alleviate pain and inflammation, or apply behind ears and on soles of feet to increase immunity and alleviate cold/flu symptoms.

A drop or two of the concentrate in water is an easy and effective sore throat gargle. Add 7-11 drops to water in a diffuser to disinfect your home or office.

Tomb Raiders Concentrate may also be added to water in a spray bottle and used to wipe cutting boards, kitchen counter, stove top, light switches, door knobs, shower walls and bathroom fixtures.

The Mist can easily be carried in purse, or school bag, to spray on your face, to boost immunity from germs and bacteria. Many nurses like to spray this product in a surgical mask, before undertaking jobs in highly infectious areas.

The newly introduced and popular Tomb Raider Mini (Salve) is especially easy to carry in your purse, or vehicle, and especially beneficial while traveling.


Local Retail Outlets (Okanagan/Shuswap B.C.)

It's All Good, Blind Bay

Lifestyles Naturals, Vernon

Mara Foodliner, Mara

Nature's Bounty, Sorrento

Nutter's, Salmon Arm

Parkridge Pharmacy, Enderby

Pharmasave, Salmon Arm

Shuswap Health, Salmon Arm

The Smorgasbord, Kamloops

The Willows, Chase

Valley Mercantile, Enderby

Natural Healing January 13, 2020 14:29

Natural Healing is a term that encompasses the promotion of the body to heal itself. The human body is an incredible miracle that functions with, or without our help, but just as we maintain our homes and vehicles, we benefit from regular attention paid to our physical bodies. Yoga, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic care, are all non-invasive and drug-free therapies that stimulate and improve our physical health. Use of essential oils falls into this category, as they are naturally occurring liquid essences captured from plants, fruits, flowers, stems and roots. Their use, through topical application, foot soak or bath, or inhalation via diffuser all encourage the human body to function and heal naturally towards its optimal potential.

Anxiety September 18, 2019 08:16

Many people have approached me at Market looking for a product to help alleviate anxiety. Many of these people are young women. Their current lifestyle includes constant social pressure at school and work, so it is important to personally manage these anxious feelings. I always recommend Mari’s Gold Tranquility Products. This popular, soothing blend includes lavender, mandarin, geranium and chamomile .. a proven winning combination.. sure to calm everyone and everything down. These products are beneficial and available for use in a diffuser, applied as a body oil, or used as a personal mist for hair, skin, or on bed pillow to encourage a deep, peaceful sleep.


Tranquility Products are safe and gentle and recommended for all age groups, including children, the elderly and for use during pregnancy. 

St. John's Wort Oil (Hypericum) June 24, 2019 16:11

Summer Solstice signals that St. John's Wort blossoms are ready, or nearly ready to pick! The little yellow flowers are sweetly fragranced. When rubbed between the fingers they leave a noticeable red stain. This is the hypericin, the active ingredient, that produces the rich ruby-red colour in the oil. St. John's Wort is prolific along the road sides and throughout the meadows in the North Okanagan/Shuswap region. The blossoms are picked, sun-infused in sunflower oil for a month, then strained. The resulting oil is called St. John's Wort, or Hypericum Oil. It is a highly regarded carrier oil with anti-inflammatory properties, useful for bruises, shingles, sprains, sciatica and neuralgia. It is soothing especially to nerve-related skin conditions. As this is a fresh flower infusion, this is a once-a-year, much anticipated and fun event!

More Great Uses For Tea Tree February 13, 2019 14:10

Tea Tree is known to be antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and a powerful essential oil for infectious diseases. We have heard of it's benefits to improve a complexion with acne, and to eradicate annoying conditions such as lice in the hair of school children.

Tea Tree, like Lavender, are the two essential oils that do not need to be diluted before applying to skin.

Recently, at Market, I have had 2 people tell me of their recent, positive experiences with Tea Tree. First a woman told me how she added a drop to her fish tank maybe once or twice a week, creating an algae-free environment, with the added benefit of shiny, healthy fish! The second woman commented on how she adds Tea Tree to her toothpaste, again once or twice a week, and how her dentist commented on her white teeth and health gums!  Awesome!  Wonderful ! :)  

Overcoming Grief with Tomb Raiders January 5, 2019 10:53

Over the holiday season I suffered some unexpected grief with the loss of my parents in 2017 and 2018. Having shared their presence on this earth for 62 years, I found myself really missing them. Emotional pain comes in various forms, for various reasons, but regardless, our systems generally slow down as we enter a dangerous phase where we can quickly slide into a low-energy funk. 

Thankfully I was able to jolt myself out of this looming depression with the stimulating benefits of Tomb Raiders Salve. I applied it to my chest and neck, with my fingers in small rotating motion, then some tapping at pressure points. The warmth of the cinnamon and clove provided welcome comfort and instant relief. 

I was so pleased to discover this new use, and experience the emotional healing benefits of this already popular natural antiseptic and pain-relieving salve.  


Gargle with Tomb Raiders for Sore Throat November 20, 2018 12:21

Just one drop of Tomb Raiders (Traditional Thieves Recipe) in water makes an effective gargle to help cure a sore throat and keep colds and flu away.

Essential oils of clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon, lemon and rosemary are highly effective and a powerful essential oil blend....  anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. 

Use of Tomb Raiders products will increase immunity and alleviate cold/flu symptoms. Diffuse to disinfect home, and clear air of germs.and bacteria.

Tomb Raiders Concentrate may be added to water and used to wipe cutting boards, kitchen counter, stove top, light switches, door knobs, shower walls and bathroom fixtures, as well.

Calendula Salve for Dry Skin September 6, 2018 11:21

Mari's Gold Calendula Salve is extremely popular this time of year. Creamy, smooth and moisturizing this antiseptic, all-natural product is made with calendula oil, beeswax,  a blush of hypericum oil (St. John's Wort), shea butter with vitamin E added. It is unfragranced and soothing to any sensitive skin, irritation or rash. Use for dry skin, rashes, deep cuts, or apply to wounds as an antiseptic ointment with dressing.

Essential Oils Bring Relief During SMOKE Event B.C. Wild Fires August 20, 2018 15:37

Essential oils are saving me during this B.C. Wild Fire SMOKE event! Gargling with a few drops Tomb Raiders in water to ease sore throat, and misting face and inhaling deeply to alleviate breathing difficulties with Tomb Raiders Mist or Summer Mist (with refreshing peppermint) really helps. Many people purchased these products at Grindrod Garlic Festival due to throat and respiratory ailments and walked away relieved and satisfied.

Then, when I arrived home I received this lovely message from a local customer in the Salmon Arm area, who has found Tomb Raiders helped her with congestion due to mild asthma, in the past:

" Hi again! I have told a number of people about TR, even let them try it. They all loved it! A friend that has COPD was not going to stay at a BBQ last night as it was outdoors and she was badly affected by smoke. I let her try my TR and she was amazed that it worked for her! All that I have told plan on buying your marvellous product...😎 Just thought you should know!"

Swing into Spring With Markets May 1, 2018 00:00

Mari is very excited to now be attending local Markets in the Enderby / Vernon / Salmon Arm area. Mari's Gold products were formerly exclusively available at Health Food Stores, Spas, Cafes and Natural Health & Produce Outlets, but now these unique aromatherapy products are available direct to the public via these Markets. You can find Mari each Friday 10 am to 2 pm at Splatsin Parking Lot, Enderby. Enjoy hand-made or home-grown products each week this summer, at this very popular, and well-attended Market. For other current, and upcoming events please check out the "EVENTS" page above.

Benefits to Topical Application ( Essential Oils ) March 7, 2018 15:30

Yes, yes... diffusing essential oils is all the rage these days, however, applying essential oils to the skin, in the form of body oils, creams or massage maximizes their effectiveness and promotes their personal health benefits.  Essential oils MUST be diluted in water or carrier oils (i.e. Calendula Oil, St. John's Wort Oil) before applying to skin. The only two exceptions to this rule are tea tree and lavender. They are safe to apply "neat", or directly to the skin. Through topical application, essential oils are absorbed through the skin, enter the blood stream and benefit the entire body... physically, emotionally and psychologically. The euphoric, calming and/or uplifting affects of aromatherapy massage will continue to be felt for hours, as these natural essences work their way though the system and will eventually be eliminated with other body fluids. It is important to drink plenty of water following their application to maximize the cleansing process.

Diffusers January 8, 2018 13:43

Many people receive essential oil diffusers as gifts each year, and this helps promote interest and use of essential oils. This is exciting, especially for people like me, who have been in the aromatherapy business for twenty years, and am now seeing mainstream knowledge and use, as well as increased awareness of the benefits of essential oils.

Diffusers help disinfect and moisturize indoor air by venting a mist of steam (water with essential oils added) into the air at home or office. Depending on the essential oil, or blend, the effects can be calming,  helping induce sleep, or uplifting and stimulating, helping create clarity and concentration. 

Mari's Gold offers several pre-blended concentrates for purchase. With increased use of diffusers, they are now extremely popular sellers at local Health Food Stores, at Enderby Winter Market Fridays 10-2 Splatsin Centre, and of course, are available for on-line purchase via    

Happy Holidays & Healthy 2018 !! December 20, 2017 15:41

Thank you for an inspiring, uplifting year of growth. As 2017 draws to a close Mari would like to thank each and every one of her friends, family and customers for their continued love and support. Stay tuned! More exciting aromatherapy products and positive changes to her on-line store, and home-based business in 2018.

" Family, friends and joy ... don't forget the essentials..."

Tomb Raiders (Thieves) October 4, 2017 10:15

Tomb Raiders (Traditional Thieves Recipe)

Clove, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Lemon, Rosemary

Offering PROTECTION from INFECTION, this is a highly effective and powerful blend.. anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.

Mari's Gold has made this popular blend available in a ready-to-use oil (essential oils diluted (1:4) in calendula oil). Rub on chest to alleviate congestion, on joints to alleviate pain and inflammation, or apply behind ears and on soles of feet to increase immunity and alleviate cold/flu symptoms.

Also available in concentrated form (10 ml dropper) for diffuser to disinfect home, and clear air of germs.and bacteria.  Tomb Raiders Concentrate may be added to water and used to wipe cutting boards, kitchen counter, stove top, light switches, door knobs, shower walls and bathroom fixtures.


Local Retail Outlets (Okanagan/Shuswap B.C.)

Anna's Vitamins, Vernon

Country Coffee House, Enderby

Grass Roots Health Hut, Armstrong

It's All Good, Blind Bay

Lifestyles Naturals, Vernon

Nutter's, Salmon Arm

Mara Foodliner, Mara

Nature's Bounty, Sorrento

Shuswap Health, Salmon Arm

The Smorgasbord, Kamloops

The Willows, Chase

Urban Market, Salmon Arm

Valley Mercantile, Enderby





Peppermint as Summer Refresher and After-Bite August 31, 2017 12:20

As summer nears its end, wasps, flies and pesky no see-ums are everywhere! Mari's Gold Summer Products with peppermint, lavender, citronella & lemongrass are truly refreshing in this hot, dry weather, and are also excellent as a soothing, and effective after-bite. The mist works well, but the oil-based product offers the added health benefits of applying essential oils to your skin. All essential oils are antiseptic. Diffusers are very popular right now, but the application of essential oils to the skin allow them to enter the bloodstream though the pores of the skin, keeping you healthy, vital, revived and refreshed. Be sure to take it with you in your final days of summer travel.

Geranium Essential Oil April 11, 2017 10:30

Geraniums on our window sills, or in window boxes are beautiful and fragrant, but it is the geranium leaves that are steam-distilled to produce this lovely floral, green essential oil. 

Like all flower oils, geranium is an antidepressant and antiseptic essential oil. It is a powerful astringent, and speeds healing. It is used in skin care, for its delightful perfume, astringent and balancing properties. 

Geranium has stimulating effect on lymphatic system and produces a diuretic action, so is valuable in treatment of cellulitis, fluid retention and oedema (swelling) of the ankles. The two properties reinforce each other in helping the body eliminate fluids more efficiently, having a tonic effect on both the liver and kidneys. It has been used to treat jaundice, kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

The oil is used in insect repellents, and room sprays, to keep house free of flying insects, and as a natural fragrant deodorizer. 


Source: Egypt

Cabin Blend ~ The latest & greatest! February 20, 2017 12:29

Bring forest fragrance into your home year round! Balsam Fir, Cedarwood & Cedar Leaf essential oils combined (10 ml concentrate). Diffuse a few drops in steaming water, in plug-in or tea light diffuser. 

Aroma-Mist for Respiratory Problems January 5, 2017 07:00

Years ago Pharmasave approached me to reproduce a product they could no longer import from Europe. People with asthma, and other respiratory problems, needed a mist to help clear the airways. Mari's Gold Aroma-Mist was created, and deemed a success by both the store and it's customers. Essential oils of pine, lavender, peppermint and rosemary are combined and infused in alcohol, in a strong ratio dilution, bringing instant relief to clogged sinuses. The mist may be sprayed in the air, onto a handkerchief or pillow, then inhaled deeply. 

This winter the essential oil concentrate in the same Aroma-Mist blend has been created and now available, with the increasing popularity of diffusers. An invigorating scent of high alpine balsam fir is the predominant fragrance, and certainly clears the airways! This unique and powerful respiratory aid is available at Pharmasave Salmon Arm, B.C., or online at    

Tomb Raiders - Protection from Infection November 30, 2016 13:22

Tomb Raiders (Traditional Thieves Recipe)

Clove, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Lemon, Rosemary

The name for this traditional recipe is attributed to thieves who raided homes of the sick and dying - those afflicted with the Bubonic Plague (also known as the Black Death) in France in the 15th century. These thieves and grave robbers remained healthy and immune to the bacteria which caused the death of 60% of the population of Europe, during the Middle Ages. Needless to say, this is a highly effective and powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral essential oil blend.

Mari's Gold has recently added this popular product to her natural healing line, as MANY people have asked for it. It comes diluted (1:4) in calendula oil ready to apply. Rub on chest to alleviate congestion, on joints to alleviate pain and inflammation, or apply behind ears and on soles of feet to increase immunity and alleviate cold/flu symptoms.

Also available in concentrated form (10 ml dropper) for diffuser to disinfect home, and clear air of germs.and bacteria.  Tomb Raiders Concentrate may be added to water and used to wipe cutting boards, kitchen counter, stove top, light switches, door knobs, shower walls and bathroom fixtures.

NOTE: Just like with any essential oil, never apply undiluted. Do not ingest essential oils unless you are working with a qualified, expert practitioner

Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) Bath October 3, 2016 09:56

Do you get leg cramps in the middle of the night? Do you jump out of bed, stretch out your calf.. point your toe to your nose to alleviate the pain? Those leg cramps can be associated with magnesium deficiency. A bath soak with Mari's Gold Bath Salts (especially right before bed) can be a quick and simple solution. 

Magnesium sulfate, commonly known as epsom salt, is a mineral. It works by replacing magnesium in the body and increasing water in the intestines.

Low magnesium levels can be caused by alcoholism, severe diarrhea, poor diet, or high calcium levels. Symptoms include fatigue, muscle cramps or spasms.

A bath soak with epsom salts may help to relieve sore muscles, alleviate cramps, draw out splinters, and ease the pain of sprains and bruises.

Great dietary sources of magnesium to increase your daily intake include almonds, spinach, cashews, peanuts, whole grains, brown rice, soy milk, plain yogourt, oatmeal, potatoes (skin on) and avocados. 

Turmeric for Pain and Inflammation (recipe for Golden Milk included) September 6, 2016 09:50

Turmeric ... this humble spice, traditionally used in North America for pickling & preserving, has been used for centuries in India and China for reduction of arthritic pain and inflammation. Bright yellow in colour, turmeric is part of the ginger family.

Mari's Gold Aromatherapy created a new natural healing product in 2015, Turmeric Arthritis Rub, with turmeric, black pepper, camphor, cedar leaf & ginger in a salve base, easy to apply, providing warmth, comfort and pain reduction to sore joints & muscles.

Health Benefits of Turmeric: anti-inflammatory, aids digestion, anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, blood purifier, aids memory & brain function

Turmeric is especially beneficial when ingested. Drinking "Golden Milk" is one of the best ways to incorporate turmeric in one's diet. Satisfying, warming and delicious! 

Golden Paste:

1/2 cup turmeric powder, 1 cup water, 1.5 tsp black pepper, 5 tbsp coconut oil

In stainless steel pot, cook water, turmeric, black pepper until it forms a thick paste, stirring & cooking about 7-10 mins. Remove from heat, whisk in coconut oil. Transfer to glass jar with lid, store in refrigerator up to 2 weeks. Use to make Golden Milk, add to smoothies, salad and pasta dressings, etc. 

Golden Milk:

1 tsp Golden Paste, 2 cups milk, vanilla, cinnamon, honey (optional to taste).

In stainless steel pot, gently heat, but do not boil, 2 cups milk with 1 tsp Golden Paste. Use whisk to stir. Add optional vanilla, honey and/or cinnamon.