Summer Body Products 2021 June 5, 2021 08:56

Our Summer Body Products have been popular since their creation in May 2000. The name changed (from "Move Mosquito" as per Health Canada's regulations), but the winning formula remains exactly the same! This blend of lavender, peppermint, citronella and lemongrass offers refreshment, protection and healing during travel, gardening, camping or in your backyard.

These must-have products provide relief from headaches, sunburn, nausea and are an excellent after-bite. 

This natural product is re-vitalizing during the summer heat. Massage the oil into the skin to moisturize while sun-tanning. Refill mist with economical concentrate or freshen air on the porch or picnic table by diffusing concentrate in steaming water over a tealight candle, in a plug-in diffuser, or even an old fondue pot works very well. 

They are available in original strength and extra-strength oil (providing the best barrier as it is directly on skin), two sizes of water-based mist and 10 ml concentrate for easy refills. The mist was created for use on hair and clothing (i.e. where oil is not suitable) and is best used in conjunction with the oil. It also provides a refreshing travel mist in your vehicle.. great to stay alert and fresh while driving.