Key Ingredient: Good Energy March 1, 2022 17:23

Infusing your best energy into everything you do is a great way to live and an integral part of my life now.

I love making my natural healing remedies with my own homegrown calendula 🌼flowers.. sun-infused in sunflower 🌻 oil, pure essential oils and other natural ingredients. My products are hand blended and infused with passion, purpose and love. ❤️

 I love being self-employed!  I do what I want, when I want .. and that means I make product with my best energy. I select the markets that I choose to attend. ❤️ I honour my time and the space around me. I attract the people to my table that need my help or some product that I offer. I am guided to place my products in the stores where my aromatherapy products are appreciated and valued.

Every day I step into my shop I feel happy. I always make product with a smile on my face therefore adding the most important ingredient: good energy.

It is that good energy I share with you.

Every product I make.. I make.. for you!