Mari's Gold Aromatherapy was created by Mari Summers, a certified aromatherapist. Mari has provided people with high quality, natural healing products since 1997. She was inspired to create aromatherapy blends to help people with various ailments during her three years of study in essential oils, blending and massage. Without planning a particular outcome, she found herself with a unique line of natural healing products that many people were interested in

These unique blends are created by mixing pure, high quality essential oils that all may enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy either by inhalation, diffusion, bath, or massage .Pure and therapeutic essential oils are offered as singles and in Mari’s Gold Blends (concentrates).  

The key ingredient of her products that contain a carrier oil (i.e. massage oils, salves, etc.) is CALENDULA (Pot Marigold). It is produced on site and in a natural environment. Mari grows the flowers, picks and plucks the petals, lets them dry naturally in the sun. They are then infused in sunflower oil, in natural sunlight for a month, then strained off. This beautiful calendula oil is skin-healing and a beautiful base for her natural healing products.  

Nestled in the beautiful North Okanagan Valley / Shuswap of British Columbia, Mari's Gold Aromatherapy is proud to be a home-based business, providing natural products to a variety of stores and professionals, through online sales as well as at various local Markets (please see Events/Markets page).

It is my wish that these products, hand-made, and infused with love, assist you on your personal and spiritual journey!

Thank you! 

Mari Summers - Owner (BSc Cert Aroma)


PODCAST: Mari participated in a Mental Health Podcast called “Struggle Creates Strength” when Lucas Cullen approached her at the Revelstoke Farm and Craft Market in July 2021. 

She embraced the opportunity to share her own personal story of overcoming difficulties towards creating her own home-based business, building her own brand, and achieving financial independence. She created something out of nothing. A dream realized. A passion for aromatherapy.. now shared with you.. and the world! 

Lucas approaches Mari:


One hour interview (Mari’s story):