Stepping Stones Lead to Success February 19, 2023 08:25

If there is anyone considering making a change, starting up a new venture, my advise is to follow your instinct, follow your heart, and follow this dream. This was my experience over a three year period in the late nineties as I studied aromatherapy.

A single experience of receiving a full body aromatherapy massage in 1995 changed my life. I wanted everyone to experience the bliss and emotional /  spiritual transport to another realm that I had! I enrolled with Lori Davey of Davey School of Natural Healing, studied the properties of essential oils, learned of her massage techniques and developed blends for neighbours and friends. By the time I graduated and certified in 1999, I had created a line of products which were to become the basis of Mari's Gold Aromatherapy.

For many years I supplied day spas and estheticians, health food stores and other retail outlets. For the past 6 years I have had the pleasure of attending local markets and have never been happier. I am now financially independent, I love my thriving home-based business, interacting with my customers, meeting new people, and sharing my passion and knowledge of aromatherapy and natural healing products.

TAKE THOSE STEPS! One stepping stone leads to the other and before long, you will be living your best life, experiencing the success of your OWN DREAM come TRUE!.