Find Your Own Path & Follow It... February 1, 2021 05:12

In 1994 I was reading Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield, and it encouraged me to pay attention to the signs that guide my life.  One day my friend called me from Australia, and I admitted to feeling very unhappy. After listening to my sad story, she said “Mari, you need aromatherapy!” I said “What is aromatherapy?” She mentioned flowers and essences and even the notion of such loveliness caused my mood to elevate. I was indeed intrigued. Within the next 24 hours I would have 2 more signs. Stopping at the grocery store the next morning I saw a little book for .99, entitled “Aromatherapy.. Not Just a Wive’s Tale Anymore” with a woman holding a bouquet of daisies on the front cover (daisies, my favourite). I immediately added it to the grocery order at check out. Then, upon arriving home, to my absolute delight and surprise, I discovered a gift certificate in my mailbox for $10 off an aromatherapy massage!?! 

I don’t know if the groceries got put away or if I made that phone call first! I was about to meet Lori Davey-Newman and my life would forever change. Not only did that first aromatherapy massage 💆‍♀️ cause me to transcend to another realm where I started to relax and find solutions for my life, but over the next few years I would move to British Columbia, return to Ontario on several occasions, to train with Lori, and eventually achieve my Certification in Aromatherapy by June 1999. 

Most of Mari’s Gold Aromatherapy blends were created in those 3 years of training, including 3 of the most popular to this day.. Joy, Tranquility and Comfort. Each blend was created for a particular client, or family member as I offered aromatherapy solutions in the form of massage and I gained confidence in creating effective healing blends. 

Here I am today, 21 years later, still LOVING what I do each and every day. It is my goal, my heart’s desire to offer comfort and natural healing, via aromatherapy, to offer products which encourage the body to relax, adjust and heal itself. 

My mission statement is “Can’t hurt.. might help.” Aromatherapy offers the assistance of nature, the application and inhalation of natural essences to relax, restore and heal. It is not a substitute for conditions that require the attention of a doctor or medical care, however, it is something everyone can use, and do, to benefit their daily lives.

Aromatherapy has enhanced my life 100%. It caused my mind to relax and find solutions. It has given me a passion and purpose whereby I use my natural gifts as helper and healer. I encourage each person to follow the signs. Find your own path and follow it. There you will find a treasure trove of true happiness and fulfillment in life, and is that not what we are all seeking?