Essential Oils Bring Relief During SMOKE Event B.C. Wild Fires August 20, 2018 15:37

Essential oils are saving me during this B.C. Wild Fire SMOKE event! Gargling with a few drops Tomb Raiders in water to ease sore throat, and misting face and inhaling deeply to alleviate breathing difficulties with Tomb Raiders Mist or Summer Mist (with refreshing peppermint) really helps. Many people purchased these products at Grindrod Garlic Festival due to throat and respiratory ailments and walked away relieved and satisfied.

Then, when I arrived home I received this lovely message from a local customer in the Salmon Arm area, who has found Tomb Raiders helped her with congestion due to mild asthma, in the past:

" Hi again! I have told a number of people about TR, even let them try it. They all loved it! A friend that has COPD was not going to stay at a BBQ last night as it was outdoors and she was badly affected by smoke. I let her try my TR and she was amazed that it worked for her! All that I have told plan on buying your marvellous product...😎 Just thought you should know!"