Diffusers January 8, 2018 13:43

Many people receive essential oil diffusers as gifts each year, and this helps promote interest and use of essential oils. This is exciting, especially for people like me, who have been in the aromatherapy business for twenty years, and am now seeing mainstream knowledge and use, as well as increased awareness of the benefits of essential oils.

Diffusers help disinfect and moisturize indoor air by venting a mist of steam (water with essential oils added) into the air at home or office. Depending on the essential oil, or blend, the effects can be calming,  helping induce sleep, or uplifting and stimulating, helping create clarity and concentration. 

Mari's Gold offers several pre-blended concentrates for purchase. With increased use of diffusers, they are now extremely popular sellers at local Health Food Stores, at Enderby Winter Market Fridays 10-2 Splatsin Centre, and of course, are available for on-line purchase via www.marisgold.com.