Calendula (Pot Marigold) Oil September 15, 2013 04:20

Calendula Oil is the inspiration.. and foundation for most Mari's Gold products. It is an infused oil, very valuable for its powerful skin-healing properties. Dried calendula marigold petals are sun-infused in sunflower oil for a month, then strained, to produce a rich golden-coloured carrier oil. This resulting oil can then be used unfragranced, for massage or bath.. or with essential oils added. 

Calendula oil is antiseptic & anti-inflammatory. It is beneficial for cuts, burns, rashes & scars. It is useful for dry, inflamed & irritated skin, including psoriasis and eczema. It is calming & soothing - gentle enough for sensitive skin and is popular in baby products.  It is a valuable ingredient in soaps, salves, lotions & ointments, and superior carrier oil for aromatherapy massage & bath oils. Active ingredients are flavonoids, carotene, vitamins A & E.

Calendula oil is available in 30ml, 100ml, 125 ml at retail cost.

1 and 2 litre jugs are available at wholesale cost for practitioners.

Please email Mari @ for inquiries.

Calendula salve is available in 1oz  (35gr) tub ~ valuable for all skin conditions.