Cold & Muscle Products January 3, 2015 08:33

Cold & Muscle Rub was created as a Vap-o-Rub alternative with natural ingredients and calendula salve base, not a petroleum-type base. Essential oils of camphor, peppermint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, cedar & ginger combine to make a nice-smelling, effective decongestant and analgesic balm.  Rub on chest, back, sinuses, and bottom of feet, for penetrating warmth and comfort... to prevent, or rid your body of cold and flu. This is the strongest, most therapeutic product Mari makes.. in small batches and fresh every time! Cold & Muscle Mist and Concentrate are also available for aerial application, or diffusion in steam or tea-light diffuser. From children to the elderly, this product is popular, safe, soothing.. and it works! Please enjoy, and stay healthy.. naturally!