Freshen indoor air with essential oils... December 19, 2013 11:19

Mari's Gold Yule Blend is a delightful blend of pine, orange, frankincense, cedarwood, juniperberry & clove essential oils. Simply spray the mist, or add a few drops of concentrate to water to freshen indoor air. It is quick and easy to add a few drops.. or any essential oils to simmering water over kitchen or wood stove... resulting in a lovely, purifying fragrance in a matter of minutes. Keep flu and cold bugs at bay.. naturally.. with use of antiseptic and anti-biotic essential oils. Mari's Gold Yule Blend allows you to bring crisp, clean outdoor fragrance indoors..  all winter long.


Available in Yule Blend Concentrate(10 ml) or Yule Blend Air Freshener (60 ml green spritzer)

Add 10 - 15 drops Yule Blend Concentrate to water & heat in diffuser for hours of enjoyment

Add a few drops to candles or potpourri; add 40 drops concentrate to water to refill spritzer