Mari's Gold Blends



I've used JOY Mist as a spritzer for my face for years. It has become my signature scent. When I need to refill I use the JOY concentrate & water. The essential oils of patchouli, rosewood, orange & ylang-ylang bring back memories of the 60's - I love it.

Aline Johnson, White Rock, B.C.


I just love the BLISS blend! I add epsom salts for a relaxing jacuzzi and then moisturize with the oil afterwards.

Mary Rhodes, Peterborough, Ontario


Diabetes myopathy has caused numbness in my legs and feet. After a massage with the COMFORT blend I felt a warm glow from the knees down for the first time in a year! Now I bath in it all the time to relieve pain.

Andy Gault, Forest Grove Store, B.C.

As an aging geologist I need comfort for lower back pain and I have tried every remedy in a bottle (including fire water) but the only product that gives me relief is COMFORT BLEND. I’d like to buy this stuff by the gallon! I use the COMFORT oil in my bath all the time as the eucalyptus eases all my aches & pains. When I am away I need those soothing oils to take away the pain and anxiety of travel.

Ed Schiller, Kelowna, B.C.


A massage with TRANQUILITY Oil ... “feels like heaven on earth!”

John Chega, Calgary, Alberta


I sleep like a baby after my husband rubs TRANQUILITY on my neck and shoulders each night. This blend has also helped relieve tension and migraine headaches during my busy work day.

Heather Gault, Kelowna, B.C.


After a massage with VITALITY blend... “I feel fit as a fiddle!”

Frank Schuster, Grindrod, B.C.