Mari's Faves

A small selection of Mari's favourite products from her very own collection.


Tranquility Massage Oil - useful for stomach upset, insomnia and stress

Lip Balm - Mari is addicted to her own smooth & moisturizing lip balm

Facial Blend Oil - apply each morning with carrot seed, lemon, geranium, frankincense and rose essential oils, sea buckthorn oil (vitamin C), raspberry leaf, rosehip, calendula oils + vitamin E

Citrus Blend - Mari loves this blend in her vehicle.. just a few drops on pad of vent diffuser

Summer’s Rain - a breath of fresh air. Great for fatigue, exhaustion and travel

Calendula Salve - all natural, unfragranced, soothing for dry, cracked skin & lips

Tomb Raiders Mist - spray in your mouth, on hands, steering wheel etc.

Cold & Muscle Rub - use every night before bed (under nose and on neck)

Sage Salve - spicy with lots of sage, cinnamon, clove & ginger; very stimulating and warming to improve circulation and lymph system. Great for sore shoulders/joints.