Vitality Concentrate - 10 ml



VITALITY  ( lavender  tea tree  rosemary  geranium  lemon )

Invigorating, healthful blend - antibiotic IMMUNE BOOSTER

Excellent for fatigue, sluggishness, colds & chills, flu & infections


CONCENTRATE - 10 & 30 ml

Synergistic blends of essential oils available in glass amber bottle

Economic refill for Vitality Mist .. add 1ml (20 drops) to 30 ml water

( 10 ml conc will refill 60 ml Mist approx 7 times ) 


Add 10-15 drops to bath water for fresh aroma bath

(1/4 c. epsom salts / Vitality Massage & Bath Oil may also be added)


Heat in water over tealight candle or diffuser 

Purify air & fragrance room by adding just a few drops to water

... or add few drops to plug-in aromatherapy pad


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