Geranium - 10 ml


Geraniums on our window sills, or in window boxes are beautiful and fragrant, but it is the geranium leaves that are steam-distilled to produce this lovely floral, green essential oil. 

Like all flower oils, geranium is an antidepressant and antiseptic essential oil. It is a powerful astringent, and speeds healing. It is used in skin care, for its delightful perfume, astringent and balancing properties. 

Geranium has stimulating effect on lymphatic system and produces a diuretic action, so is valuable in treatment of cellulitis, fluid retention and oedema (swelling) of the ankles. The two properties reinforce each other in helping the body eliminate fluids more efficiently, having a tonic effect on both the liver and kidneys. It has been used to treat jaundice, kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

The oil is used in room sprays, car deodorizers, on dryer balls and scent pads, as a natural fragrant air freshener.


Source: Egypt

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