Natural Healing Products


As a heavy-equipment operator, I suffer daily with a very sore back. I have found Mari's Gold ARTHRITIS RUB offers deep heat, and provides instant relief, when applied at night.

Bob P. Trent Hills, Ont



My 3 yr old daughter LOVES Mari's Gold COLD & MUSCLE RUB! It helps her get over a cold in.. like.. 3 days. When she is congested, we rub it on her chest and back, prop her up on pillows and she sleeps though the night. She actually walks around the house applying it to her neck & chest herself.. that's how much she loves it.  !!

Amanda Phillips, Kelowna, B.C.



1. I am wondering what is the largest size COLD SORE X I can buy from you? It is the ONLY thing I have ever found anywhere that just gets rid of cold sores before they start! It would be terrible if I couldn't get it anymore :(

Diane Andres, Grindrod, B.C.


2. My husband has found that absolutely nothing else works on his lips & he's desperate to get more COLD SORE X !!

Sarah-Jane Newton, Belleville, ON


3. Thanks for the COLD SORE X – it works! I have only had to use it twice, but the reaction seems to be instantaneous.

Jean Valliant, Vancouver, B.C.



The COZY BAG has become a much used favourite as I apply it to sore and aching muscles following my intensive gardening efforts. It is a blessing... the greatest gift I've ever been given! Thank you!

Ruby Summers, Hastings, ON



1. Every time I try the FACIAL BLEND its like silk on my face. I bought Lancome with a coupon and broke out. So, I went back to the FACIAL BLEND and its like magic.

Linda Rostron, Merritt, B.C.


2. I was amazed the next day. A lot of the redness (rosacea) had gone out.

Edna Harry, Reflexologist, B.C.



Your son gave me some balm to try.. he told me about you and how you make all your products.. I admire that a lot. My hands have been soooo dry from the weather and work. I clean houses and am using my hands all the time. I've used the FOOT BALM on my hands.. the peppermint one.. for a few days and I have noticed the increase in the softness of my hands BIG TIME..sooo thank you.. and Brett too..!!  p.s. I tried every cream out there.. nothing has worked better.. I'm very pleased

Gillian Robertson, Peterborough ON



1. I tried Mari's Gold LIP BALM - it is a great product. I normally don't like using lip balms. I ended up with a bad cold and my lips split. Mari's Gold LIP BALM soothed my lips and made it cooling .. no burning or tenderness.. and the taste wasn't gross either. What I also like about this product is it is herbs, not chemicals.. that can harm us like other products. It cleared my lips up great.

Cheryl Heltman, Grindrod, B.C.


2. Mari's Gold LIP BALM is the only lip balm I use now. It is so smooth and moisturizing. I LOVE it, and make sure I have it with me every day!

Sarah Woollacott, Peterborough, Ont



1. I LOVE the products, have been using NO-MORE-SNORE every night, my hubby says he doesn't hear me anymore, LOL.

Anita Legault, Kelowna, B.C.


2. This product really works! I snore less, sleep better too!

Dale Konowalchuk, Logan Lake, B.C.


3. My friends and family cannot thank you enough for your No-More-Snore product. I've heard everything from "my partner doesn't snore anymore!", "I finally feel rested when I wake up!", "My mouth isn't dry in the morning after applying this to my sinuses at night" to "I love the smell! It's so relaxing and helps me sleep better too even though I bought it for my husband"!

Maurine Konowalchuk, Logan Lake, B.C.



I was in a motorbike accident and tore the skin off my ankle. It would not have turned out so well without your SCAR-BAN. The scar is almost non-existent!

Frances Morgan, Kelowna, B.C.



Your YOGA MAT MIST has gone from the studio, to my yoga bag, to my purse and now has become my personal zen mist. I'm coated in that shit 24/7. I'm gonna need a larger bottle.  

Shauna Lewis, Owner, GrAttitude Hot Yoga, Salmon Arm, B.C.