Cozy Wrap



COZY BAGS / WRAPS  caring gifts in sickness or in health . . .

Alternative, all-natural heating pads...

Fragranced with peppermint & lavender essential oils & herbs

Warmed wheatberries provide comfort to tense neck & shoulders

Soothing relief for pulled muscles, arthritic joints, stomach aches & cold feet

Toss in microwave 1 - 2 mins to enjoy a nice warm hug!

Apply directly to area of stiffness, pain or chill

A great massage & sleep aid. “Try it! You’ll ZZZZ...”



Rectangular shape ( 24" X 4"), divided into 3 sections

Extra length to wrap around neck & shoulders, knee, ankle, etc.

Cozy, cotton flannel - fragrant with herbs, blossoms & essential oils

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