Summer's Rain "a breath of fresh air..."

I can't say enough about how much I love your SUMMER'S RAIN. It really is one of my favourite things! It's a wonderful fragrance. Thank you!

Jen Moric, Vancouver, B.C.


I used SUMMER'S RAIN in Golden and by the time I reached Canmore I felt like driving right on to Calgary... amazing how it kept me awake!

Gord Heltman - Owner,  Chergo Services, Grindrod, B.C


I am convinced that your Summer's Rain 'saved me' during my furnace episode!! There was a lot of soot & toxins in the air. Your spray actually cleans the air and purifies you as you breathe it in. You could market it to places where there is heavy smog/high population density, particularly India and China and South America. You'd be doing so many people an amazing service and make a fortune at the same time.. what could be better? 

Melovia, Enderby, B.C.


Our customers like to add a few drops SUMMER'S RAIN CONCENTRATE to dryer sheets or vacuum bag. Makes everything smell wonderfully fresh!

Charlene, Manager, Nutters, Salmon Arm, B.C.


I used SUMMER'S RAIN throughout university to keep my energy high and thoughts flowing while studying & writing papers. Now, I diffuse SUMMER'S RAIN over tealight candles each evening at home. I love the clean, fresh fragrance... we even use it in our staff bathroom!

Ashley Woollacott - Teacher, Peterborough, ON


I can't thank you enough for creating SUMMER'S RAIN! I've tried numerous products in the last 22 years in the hopes of clearing up my skin but to no avail. SUMMER'S RAIN is my miracle cure toner. Nothing I have tried in the past has come close to the effectiveness of your product. I will never be without it !

Rachel Thompson, Revelstoke, B.C.


I picked up some of your SUMMER'S RAIN last year. Now my sister & I are addicted to the stuff! Thank you so much Mari! I love your products!

Candace Shaw, Peterborough, ON


This stuff works! I drove straight through from Calgary and I've never done that before! Leaving at 2am it's a tough trip home to the Okanagan. When fatigue set in I used SUMMER'S RAIN and it got me through. I feel great! Thank you...

Stan Herbert - Driver , ACE Courier Services, Vernon, B.C.